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Our Vision is to create an Opportunity for every child Africa towards a Better Life & Prosperous Future through our Local & International Partners. As the citizens of respective countries become educated, they have access to more resources and better career opportunities, hence resulting in higher income contributing positively to their respective communities and industries.


We Create & Oversee various Initiatives from Grassroot Level to Corporate Partnerships for the Benefit of Africa. Through various Initiatives, we providing financing of education, technology products as well as source jobs to various markets. We also offer Apprenticeship Programs in various fields, whereby successful candidates get a good paying jobs.


We are a part of various communities in Africa that contribute towards individual development as well as outreach program in creating self sustaining environment. We participate in not only economic development programs but also empowering our future leaders as well as women in rural communities.


Saira Thawer, CEO

Saira is the CEO & Co-Founder of Child Registry Ltd (UK). Previously she has been a part of the Aga Khan Foundation which has an annual budget of US$600M towards social & economic development in various parts of the world.

Dr. Chomi Makina, Prof(h,c), Emeritus, Director

Dr. Chomi is Group CEO of Moonlight Holdings, which various subsidiaries including Moonlight Funeral Assurance and Services. He was also the President of ZAFA from 2000-2013. He is also currently the chairman of Insurance & Pensions Housing Fund.

Rahim Thawer, Director

Rahim is a Hedge Fund Manager, based in New York, NY & London which manages over US$2.2B in AUM. He serves on a number of Boards & also an Investor in various Partnerships & Funds. He Manages Thawer Fund Management, LLC & EGX Securities Ltd (UK).

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