Child Registry Ltd (UK) Announces Teacher Support Initiative (TSI), which will provide funding for 10,000 teachers in the SADC Region.


July 21, 2020.



LONDON, England., July 21, 2020 – Child Registry Ltd (UK) announced that it has launched Teacher Support Initiative in collaboration with domestic and international corporate partners. This initiative will give teachers access to various programs to support their curriculum as well as appropriate funding on an annual basis to sustain the development of critical milestones associated with economic development in their respective communities. This initiative comes at a critical time as many citizens of the region are struggling with unemployment due to the impact of covid-19. This initiative is open to teachers from kindergarten to college professors who wish to access funding. Child Registry Ltd with its corporate partners have pledged up to $10 million annually for the SADC region.


“Child Registry wants to ensure that its initiative impacts the teachers and students positively and that they have access to better education and programs. It is through collaborative effort and sustainability programs sponsored by public and private institutions that we can create robust and advanced economies in the region. We are excited to be a part of it and give every child an equal opportunity for a better and brighter future,” said Saira Thawer, CEO of Child Registry Ltd (UK).  


As a relatively young region in respect to technological infrastructure, there is a lot of work ahead of us to prepare and support our teachers and create a competitive meritocratic society for our students on an international platform. Prospective teachers need access to innovative concepts and models to challenge young minds. 



About Child Registry Ltd (UK).


Child Registry Ltd (UK) is a US/UK/EU based Technology Company which in association with various local and foreign partnerships engages through the African Child Prosperity Fund. It contributes for the betterment of society and enhances social and economic progress in the African region through various services and products.




Child Registry Ltd (UK) is a Sponsored US/UK Technology Company in Collaboration & Partnerships with African/US/EU/UK Regulated Institutions that Contribute for the Betterment & Prosperity of all Registered Children in Africa.

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